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notice 자신의 사진을 보다 인기있게 만드는법
2014-04-26 14:37:30
첨단영상교육센터 <aistc@pusan.ac.kr> 조회수 1752

How to make your photos more popular


1. 풍경따위말고 사람을 올려라. Upload photos of people, not landscapes.


2. 만약, 풍경을 올리고자한다면, 매력적인 글라이데이션과 밝은 컬러가 있는것을 올려라. 이를테면 해지는 낙조같은거 말이다. If you do upload photos of scenery or landscapes, make sure they contain pretty gradients and bright colors (sunsets!)


3. 인기있는 셀카는 가능한 옷을 입지말고, 총 같은걸 들고 찍어라. If you’re trying to take the perfect selfie, you should take most of your clothes off and hold some kind of firearm.


4. 음식사진은 선명하고 화려한것으로 올려라. If you insist on uploading photos of food, at least try to make sure it’s bold, colorful food — not drab, pasty food like guacamole.





5. 태그는 많이 사용할수록 많이 보게 되어있다. Be sure to tag/hashtag your photos adequately and appropriately (though you might hate them, generally the more tags you use, the more views you’ll get).

음.. 그럴듯 싶네요. ^^
출처 : http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/181350-how-to-make-your-photo-uploads-more-popular-take-your-clothes-off-and-brandish-a-firearm